We hare happy to offer a wide range of contemporary fresco paintings to reach all kind of art lovers, costumers and collectors. Our private Art Gallery is located in front of the Arno river, 10 minutes walk from the Ponte Vecchio, next to the San Niccolò’s door.

Artist’s Studio Gallery

Firenze, 39 Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini

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With our team we are working to bring the finest selection of contemporary fresco paintings of our Master’s art to the private home walls at international level.

In our private ART GALLERY  original works of art featuring a multitude of genres with a focus on Florentine’s way of appreciative value.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a single painting or implementing and expanding a comprehensive art program, our private art gallery studio iguarnieri, is able to assist you on a multitude of levels.

Short BIO
Roberto (architect) and Rodolfo (maestro d’arte) are born in Florence respectively in 1956 and 1963. Guarnieri’s family workshop was established in 1944.
Our four-hands work is inspired by the “idealof the florentine workshop of the Renaissance“: contemporary fresco paintings surfaces, old materials and techniques, Florentine design approaches, quick time execution work.
Currently, many our paintings are in private and public collections in Europe, USA, Australia, Asia. In 2005 we started making “on site” fresco paintings in Florence, Luxemburg, Moscow, for individual customers as well as public and private Companies.
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The mission of the  iguarnieri art gallery studio is to serve the Art Lovers in a international national role by preserving, collecting, exhibiting, and the understanding of contemporary works of art made by IGUARNIERI at the highest possible standards.

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