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Willow Flowers Giant


Title of the painting: Willow Flowers Giant
Fresco on wood with finishing touches
Dimensions: 160 x 220 cm – with frame 200 x 260 | 63 x 86 inch – with frame 78 x 102 inch

Titolo del quadro: Fiori di Salice Gigante

Affresco su legno con ritocchi

Dimensioni: 160 x 220 cm – con cornice 200 x 260 | 63 x 86 inch – con cornice 78 x 102 inch

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“The Willow Flowers, turned into a sparkling polychromy enhanced by the big dimensions, became a huge refreshing opera fully of positive energy. The painting is framed with a majestic black frame, that make it completely new and absolutely contemporary.”

The authors

“I fiori di salice esaltati dalla grande dimensione e trasformati in effervescente policromia, diventano una opera freschissima di  positiva energia. L’opera è incorniciata da una imponente cornice nera che la rende nuova e assolutamente contemporanea.”

Gli autori

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Dimensions 200 × 4 × 160 cm


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