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Bigallo small II


Title of the painting: Bigallo small II
Fresco on wood with finishing touches
Dimensions: 35 x 50 cm. | 13 x 19 inch

Titolo del quadro: Bigallo piccolo II

Affresco su legno con ritocchi

Dimensioni: 35 x 50 cm. | 13 x 19 inch

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“The traditional sight of Florence fourteenth-century and the antique fresco technique relive in a new contemporary reality in this opera, gold framed, where the color gleam and varnish enhance the finest proportions and geometry of the old masters.”

The Authors

“La vista della Firenze del trecento rappresentata nella Madonna della Misericordia del Museo del Bigallo e l’uso dell’affresco rivivono in una nuova contemporaneità in questa opera incorniciata d’oro dove la lucentezza dei colori e della vernice esaltano le raffinate proporzioni e geometria degli antichi maestri.”

Gli Autori.


Madonna della Misericordia di Bernardo Daddi.

Città di Firenze nel primo XIV

The Madonna of Mercy was painted by the Bernardo Daddi school in 1342 in the building now dedicated to the Bigallo orphanage, and which had been the Misericordia Confraternity. This fresco is one of the most important keys for unlocking the vocation and for deepening the meaning of Florence. The Madonna wears a crown like that of the Empress Matilda, with the saving Tau in blood, and it is she who protects the city with the weapons of the acts of mercy as Jesus had listed them in the Gospel, these acts being given in the medallions of her mantle that contain these words.


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Dimensions 35 × 1 × 50 cm

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