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Villa San Michelle B & W


Title of the painting: Villa San Michele B & W
Fresco on wood with finishing touches
Dimensions: 91 x 187 cm. | 35,8 x 73,6 inch

This piece is in exhibition now, you can request more info sending us a personal e-mail HERE.

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” The San Michele’s villa façade, like an ancient Michelangelo’s draw, became contemporary fresco painting in black and white dress code, were the chiaroscuro of the lights wink to the wooden models of the ancient Florentine Renaissance façades made by the great Masters” The Authors.

” La facciata di Villa San Michele come un antico disegno michelangiolesco diventa un affresco in chiave bianco e nero, dove il chiaroscuro delle luci ammicca ai modelli lignei delle antiche facciate fiorentine realizzate nel Rinascimento dai grandi Maestri.” Gli Autori

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Dimensions 91 × 1 × 187 cm




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